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                         50 Years Of Promoting The Train

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"It was the George Washington, the first train I'd been on since I'd bought a car. It left Louisville  around 4 p.m. and got there around 7:30 a.m." Dorr got a sleeping compartment, had the proverbial dinner in the diner and gazed out the window at the passing scenery. By the time he got to Washington, his life had been changed. The train, he decided, was the only way to go.              Dorr put up the fight of his life. "I guess I was spending upwards of 20 hours a week for six or eight months, writing letters, telephoning congressmen and congressional aides, preparing position papers, speaking at hearings and publicizing the problem, trying to get local officials to act." He also rallied his Kentucky Association of Railroad Passengers to help him.

   1969 -1997







Larry Wright

Eustace Durrett

Mary Henry

John Caperton II

Joe Young

John Hartline Jr

Louisville Mayor

Dave Armstrong

Cliff Kuhl

R. Lyle Key

Dwight Maddox Sr

 Charles Schimpler 

Ph.D., PE,

Jack Norton

Jack Martin

Anne Parker 

Maysville KY

Our leaders  and members of our group who are no longer with us.  Many thanks for your decades  of service  to the cause of educating new generations about the need for passenger rail and  an integrated transportation network.  Your friendship is greatly missed ,you inspired us all to keep up a good fight gave us your many years of knowledge. Though you may be gone from our midst those who knew you will keep you alive in our hearts , teach all you taught us to a new generation.  Rest In Peace

John Owen

How YOU can Work for  Better Transportation 

People are asking, “How do I fight for better transportation and how do I support  Rail Passengers Kentucky” There are a lot of ways!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Join Rail Passengers Kentucky

Rail Passengers Kentucky is a membership organisation .  Dues and contributions of any amount are fully tax  deductible

Rail Passengers Kentucky welcomes  anyone who is interested in the future of transportation in Kentucky  and beyond. Cli  

                                   Interact & Advocate

  • Keep us on our toes.  Please comment on the articles we publish here and weigh in with your opinions.

  • R.P.K members sit on a number of  policy oriented committees promoting alternative transportation and Smart Growth strategies. Contact us if you are interested in sticking your neck out.

  • Write your elected officials and stress the need for alternative transportation.

  • Write letters to the editor and stress the need for alternative transportation.

  • In conversations with friends and colleagues, simply explain the need for Smart Growth and alternative transportation strategies.

  • R.P.K.wants to help you succeed on the project you’re planning. Let us know what you’re up to and how we can support your efforts.

  • Finally, if you have special skills, like you’re a lawyer, or a rail expert, or graphic designer, or programmer, or elected official, please  let us know and we’ll be glad to volunteer you for some public service work.

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John Owen
Charles Castner Jr
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Porter H Stevens

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Louisville Railway

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